Welcome to the B2App mobile app builder documentation

B2App is a no-code mobile app builder (Android and iOS) for online stores based on Woocommerce, Shopify and Shops-Script. It will allow you to create a beautiful and multifunctional mobile application.

Basic documentation terms

Navigation is the main way the user navigates the application. There are two types of navigation: bottom navigation and side navigation. But in the application, you can still navigate through the widgets using the widget list item.

Screen is an application page participating in application navigation.

Widget is an application page that opens without navigation and using a list of widgets or Fab.

Element is a part or block in an application page.

Template is a ready-made application consisting of pages and elements that are already pre-configured.

Color theme is the color theme of the entire application.

Integration is the relationship of an application with an online store or with some other service.

App language is to change the app language

Publishing an app is submitting an app to the Google Play Market (Android) or App Store (iOS)

Documentation Sections

  • First steps - Initial steps in exploring the possibilities of the constructor
    • Introduction - Introduction to the constructor
    • Your first application - Instructions for creating your first application
    • Application for viewing the created application - Description of the capabilities of the application for viewing the created applications
    • Ready-made templates - About ready-made application templates and how to use them
    • Color themes - About color themes and what they do
    • Navigation - Types of navigation
    • Settings - About application settings
    • Integrations - About the integration of the application with the online store
    • Application language - About changing the application language
    • Publishing an Application - Instructions for publishing the created application
  • Main screens - About screens in the constructor
    • Introduction - Introduction to application screens
    • Home - Main screen of the application
    • Categories - Application product categories screen
    • Product List - Product List Screen
    • Product page - Product page screen with detailed description
    • Product search - Product search screen
    • Trash - Trash screen for the application
    • Leave a request - Screen of the form for sending an application
    • About us - Screen about us
    • Map - Map screen for the application
    • Contacts - Screen contacts
    • Promo - Promo screen for the application
    • Help - Help screen
    • Page - Screen of a web page
  • Widgets - About constructor widgets
    • Introduction - Introduction to application widgets
    • Home - Home screen widget
    • Categories - App product categories widget
    • Product List - Product List Widget
    • Product page - Product page widget with detailed description
    • Product search - Product search widget
    • Cart - Cart widget for the application
    • Leave a request - Widget of the form for sending an application
    • About us - Widget about us
    • Map - Map widget for the application
    • Contacts - Contacts widget
    • Promo - Promo widget for the application
    • Help - Help widget
    • Page - Web page widget
    • Link - Widget link
  • Default elements - About default elements
    • Introduction - Introduction to default elements
    • Product card - Element product card
    • Product page - Element product page
    • Product list - Item list of products
    • Product categories - Product category element
    • Product search - Product search element
    • Cart - item cart
    • Logo - Element logo
    • Leave a request - Element leave a request