About Us

By activating and customizing the elements, you can compose different screen views. You can also change the color theme of page elements to make the screen more unique.


  • List widgets
  • Logo
  • Description

List widgets

It is a versatile element for attaching different functionality to the screen using widgets.

Element settings

  • Active - displaying an item on the screen
  • Text - title for the element, leave it blank if you want to remove the title of the element
  • Element card layout - change the display of an element
    • Choose how the item should look like - an element card has two kinds horizontal and vertical
    • Image size - resizing the image in the item card
    • Image scale - image scaling, two scaling options are possible Fit to center and Crop and center
    • First element in card - selection of the first element in the card, it can be either an image or a text in the card of the element
  • Elements - in this section, you can add a new element or change the icon, text and widget selection for any of the elements

Change the display of the application logo on the screen.

The logo image is loaded in the section Default -> Logo


Change the description for the screen.

Setting the item

  • Active - display an item on the screen
  • Text - add description text
  • Element size - change the size of the element
  • Positioning - changing the position of an element on the screen