Color themes

Color themes can be found under Theme

With color themes, you can make your application unique. We have prepared for you several ready-made color theme templates that you can change at your discretion without restrictions.


  • Choice of color theme
  • Color theme settings

Choosing a color theme

In choosing a color theme, you can choose a theme from ready-made color templates, which can be further changed in the color theme settings.

Setting the color theme

Most of the elements of the application can be changed by customizing the color theme.

Color settings are divided into several sections. By changing the colors in the Primary Colors section, you will change the colors in all the other sections. For example, you want to change the primary color of the selection of elements (accent), for this you can change it only in the "Primary colors" section and it will change in all other sections. But if you also want to use a different color for the selection of navigation elements, you can change them in the appropriate section and there will be no changes in the "Primary colors" section.

To return the color theme to its original settings, for this you need to re-select the theme in the Select color theme.


  • Primary colors - change colors in other sections.
  • Colors of the main elements
  • Colors of side navigation
  • Colors of the bottom navigation
  • Basket badge colors
  • Colors of fields
  • Colors of main buttons
  • Colors of secondary buttons
  • Colors quantity selection
  • Colors of the list of widgets
  • Category block colors
  • Block Colors New
  • Block Colors Popular
  • Block Master Colors
  • Colors of items in the Cart