By activating and customizing the elements, you can arrange different screen views. You can also change the color theme of page elements to make the screen more unique.


  • List of widgets
  • Logo
  • Description

List of widgets

It is a versatile element for attaching various functionality to the screen using widgets.

Element settings

  • Active - display an item on the screen
  • Text - title for the element, leave it blank if you want to remove the title of the element
  • Element card layout - change the display of an element
    • Selecting the type of item card - the item card has two types * horizontal * and * vertical *
    • Image size - resize the image in the item card
    • Image scaling - change the image scaling, there are two options for scaling * Fit to center * and * Crop and center *
    • The first item in the card - selection of the first item in the card, it can be either an image or a text in the item card
  • Elements - in this section you can add a new element or change the icon, text and selection of a widget for any of the elements

Change the display of the application logo on the screen.

The logo image is loaded in the section Default Elements -> Logo


Change the description for the screen.

Setting the item

  • Active - display an item on the screen
  • Text - add description text
  • Element size - change the size of the element
  • Positioning - changing the position of an element on the screen