Introduction to default app elements

Default elements are elements or widgets that are built into any application you create. They are used if you have not added linked screens to screens or widgets. For example, you have added a 'Main Products' to the main screens, but have not added a 'Cart', then when adding a product to the cart, the 'Cart' from the 'Default Items' will be used.

  • Product card - contains elements for product cards:Product list, Popular products,New products and Related products
  • Product page - contains elements for a product page or a detailed description of a product or product
  • Product List - contains items for a product list
  • Product Categories - contains elements for the list of categories
  • Search for products - contains elements for searching products or goods
  • Cart - contains items for the shopping cart and checkout
  • Logo are elements for loading a logo image into the application
  • Leave a request - can be used instead of a basket, or to receive applications for the provision of services