Introduction to mobile app widgets

Widgets are replacements for the main screens. The maximum number of widgets used in the application is unlimited. Widgets are pop-up screens from anywhere in the application with full functionality.

Widgets, unlike the main screens, can be repeated.

There are no restrictions on the layout of the widgets. You can use several types of widgets at once as well as screens. For example, one of the widgets Main Products, anotherPromo, even if you do not create additional screens or widgets for products, for example Shopping cart, this functionality is still activated using the sectionElements by default.

You can change the name of any of the widgets only upon creation.


  • Main Products - contains home screen elements for online stores of goods and products or restaurants and cafes
  • Product Categories - contains elements for the list of categories
  • Product List - contains items for a product list
  • Product page - contains elements for a product page or a detailed description of a product or product
  • Search for products - contains elements for searching products or goods
  • Cart - contains items for the shopping cart and checkout


  • Leave a request - can be used instead of a basket, or to receive applications for the provision of services
  • About us - contains elements for the organization description screen
  • Map - contains elements for indicating points of sale or the location of your organization on the map
  • Contacts - contains elements for creating a screen of communication with you from the application
  • Promo - contains elements for creating a promotional application (for a music group, blogger, marketing application of a product, service or event)
  • Help - contains elements for creating a screen with instructions and descriptions for help
  • Page - contains elements for creating a widget with any content
  • Link - contains elements for creating a link widget, for example, calling by phone number, going to a website or social network