App navigation

You can find the navigation settings of the mobile application in the item Screens -> Navigation

The navigation panel uses screens from the Main screens block

  • Type of navigation - change the type of navigation (No navigation bar, Bottom navigation, Side navigation)
  • Navigation elements - change the icon, name and position of the navigation bar elements
  • Back button - change the image of the back button

There are 3 types of navigation can be used in the mobile application:

  • No navigation - applications without a navigation bar, can use the list of widgets to navigate the application
  • Bottom navigation - bottom navigation panel, has three types of display:
    • Icon + text
    • Icon only
    • Icon + text on the selected item
  • Side navigation - side navigation bar, you can change the display of the side navigation button

Using the item Navigation elements, you can change the icon, name and position of an element in the navigation.

  • Only SVG files are used for icons
  • We recommend using short names in the name of the element
  • To change the position of an element, it is enough to indicate the weight of the element, higher weight = lower element

Back button

The item Back button changes the icon image