Preview App for viewing the created application

We have created an application for you in which you can immediately see the result of creating an application through the constructor.

There are separate applications for each platform (Android & iOS), in which you can completely see how your application will look on each of the platforms.

Both applications are identical in functionality.

In the application, after logging into your account, the login-password corresponds to that registered for the designer, a list of created applications will appear.

When you select the application created in the constructor, it will open and there will be a control button in the middle right, by clicking on it, the application control menu will open:

  • Refresh - update the application, for example, make changes in the constructor, save and update in the application to see the result. Thus, you can immediately see the result of your work without unnecessary actions.
  • My Apps - a list of applications located in your account.
  • Logout - log out of the account.

Double clicking on the button will immediately update the application.